Marazion Quaker Meeting

We are an active group of some sixty members and attenders, ranging from young children to nonagenarians. We come together for Meeting every Sunday at 10:30 and everyone is welcome. Our Meeting is our source of inspiration and the root of our action in the world.

"Meeting is the chance to escape from the trivial thoughts of everyday living, and to find answers …  Some people are scared of the silence. Without the noise that serves to reassure us, that blocks out thoughts we’d rather not have, we’re vulnerable and find it’s time to face ourselves … Don’t feel restricted by the silence, it is there to set you free from the pressures of life. No-one is judging your movements, your thoughts … Value the opportunity to think unguided by the world. Learn what you feel you need to know, let other information pass. No moment of silence is a waste of time." (Rachel Needham, 1987, from Quaker Faith & Practice 2.17)

During the Meeting, we try to hold ourselves aware of all those gathered with us, uniting in a common purpose, so that our waiting and listening become an act of sharing, different from the silence of solitary meditation. During the hour, someone may feel moved to stand up and speak.  We call this ministry and, at its best, it results from a deep feeling of something important and a sense of being called to share it with others.  On some occasions, no one speaks during the hour and the whole Meeting rests in a profound silence.

Our Meeting House is the oldest in Cornwall, built in 1688. The aged roof has recently been renewed with Delabole slates; the floor relaid with rescued timber, over a new sustainable heating system; the windows replaced in the original style and the shutters refurbished; all with help from Friends in Cornwall and elsewhere, and donors throughout Britain.

A Meeting is much more than a building and it will be a joy for us to welcome you to our worship in person. 

You can find us at:

Friends Meeting House, Beacon Road, Marazion, Cornwall, Cornwall, TR17 0HF

Our what3words address is:


We meet:

Every Sunday at 10:30

The last meeting every month is in person only; other meetings are blended - please phone or send a message on the form below for details if you would like to join a blended meeting online.

Our phone number:

01326 619984

Children's Meeting:

Children's Meeting on Third Sunday of the month.


✓ Hearing loop
✓ Wheelchair access
✓ Wheelchair accessible toilet

Little disabled parking available. Otherwise use public car park. Meeting House on rising ground.

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